Smoking communities are fascinated with the use of bubblers, though they are considered as old school tools, due to some good reasons. Only a real smoker will understand the value of bubblers, which is often an overlooked tool.

Whether you are using any traditional glass bubbler or a latest model, bubblers can be found as an essential piece of collection among seasoned smokers. So what is so special with the bubbler?  What are the reasons for their popularity?

If you are protective about the bong, though, taking it out of your house may not be a good idea. Here comes the bubbler to replace your bong. Bubbler glass pipes have been designed to offer same smooth hits like bongs, without its bulky size.

Keep reading to know more about these bubbler pipes, which is the secret weapon among your smoking arsenal.

  1. Bubbler s and bongs is not the same thing

Bubblers and bongs may be quite similar but they are not absolutely same. Bubblers are like larger pipes and uses water for filtration. The basic difference is the bowls on bubblers may be much smaller.

Experienced smokers will love its smooth feeling of bong hit, a bubbler will open up whole new world for them. Having a bubbler can offer you the comfort of bong without the inconvenience almost anywhere.

  1. You can smoke well with bubbler filter

Basic difference between a bong and bubbler is about complexity. Bongs have evolved after many years of usage and glass craftsmen have made many changes to improve its filtration systems.

Bubblers usually keep filtration basic by using water chamber. But remember, this water will play an important role to remove the harsh taste as well as rough feeling during the smoking.

  1. Bubblers are available in many different styles

All bubblers may not offer you same level of comfort that you may be looking for. Similar to bongs, bubblers too are available in many different styles and hammer bubblers are one of the most common among them.

Another bubbler called as animal bubblers are also quite popular which almost the shape of an elephant is.

  1. You can smoke plenty of smokes with bubblers

If you try to smoke by using a bong and then by using any glass bowl, you will find with bubbler, best of both the worlds.

You can take it to your friend’s place or during the vacation and you will be in a position to smoke with equal level of comfort and convenience.  

  1. Bubblers are hybrid nature

You can consider these bubblers as in between hand pipe and water pipe. You can get the portability that is offered by hand pipe at the same time get few advantages that are offered by classic water pipes.

Many new style bubblers are having few added advantages too, which makes them popular.

Nowadays, you can find numbers of reputed companies too are supplying bubblers in addition to bongs and other smoking devices. The convenience and portability is the main reasons of their popularity among the smokers community,