The time that we spend on our mobile phone has surpassed the time that we spend on desktop computers. Nowadays, it’s more significant to become intentional and focused about mobile products that we create. In this piece of content, you will learn why it’s so important to create the mobile products that deepen the relationship between brands and their audiences.


What if you don’t have no Mobile Product? Neither Mobile Site nor Mobile App?

If that’s the case, the brand is very much likely to limit its reach which is obviously not lucrative for the brand.  Even if you have as static website (not responsive), you can spend on the digital advertising on mobile channel, some interaction on the social platforms but really the ads are the overvalued attention by themselves are really just a distraction. You’re not creating any mobile products whether it’s a site or an app that provides deep utility or value to the customer so no mobile products equal a very limited reach.

Mobile Website or Mobile App

This question keeps coming up again and again like what to build, whether it should be an app or some kind of a mobile website. Even though, opting for the mobile website can take you to the right direction but since you are making a result oriented investment, it’s better to go for mobile app. An app will enable a business to reach and engage deep in the relationship with its customers. Precisely, mobile web is a positive thing for the business but will not give enough results.

Creating a Mobile Website

Turning your existing website and making it mobile becomes friendly it’s a good start people that are on the go using their phone instead of the desktop computer. But as mentioned above, mobile growth is exploding in succeeding the time they were spending on day. So it is a good start providing access to the site it can even benefit your SEO so Google will you give me some credit for having your site mobile friendly. It does actually improve your rankings having the website nicely formatted and presented on a mobile device.

Ironically, you can also be some contextualization through accessing some very basic location services so you can do, even though it’s not very accurate. It turns up great when you could do some very basic you know personalization or contextualization. Summing up, mobile web is good first step but it is very limited considering where people spend their time on mobile devices.

Creating Mobile Apps

When you’re on your smartphone whether it’s an iPhone or an android etc. You would have noticed that you spend the majority of your time inside applications and not the browser on the device. When you create the mobile apps, you create to for the fuller reach. Studies show that 9 out of 10 people spend the majority of their time in sessions on a smartphone actually inside apps not the mobile browser. So now since you know that people spend the majority of their time in apps, it makes sense for us as businesses to create products like apps that adds value to their businesses.


Are you confused whether you should go for mobile app or mobile web? Just check out the article now.