An organization stores a massive amount of data about its financial information, and customer’s personal data. As most of the modern age organizations use the digital platform to store it, it increases the chances of data loss. Malware, viruses, technology malfunction, etc. are some of the reasons behind the loss of data in the organization.

This can disrupt the business operation and result in a breakdown. Thus, it becomes very important for an organization to understand the reasons for data loss and take adequate measures to prevent such losses.

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Accidental deletion of files

This is a human error that accounts for 32% of data loss. In this error, the data gets lost while copying from one location to another or by removing important data by mistake.

Damaging Viruses and Malware

Around seven percentage of data is lost due to virus attacks. The only effective solution to deal with this issue is to install anti-virus software.

Hard Drive Damage

Around 44% of data loss that happens is due to a media crash or an electrical failure. This could result in highly devastating effects on the business.

Power Failures

Shutting down computers without following proper shutdown procedures can cause issues with rebooting OS later. Such an issue can lead to a chain reaction that may make your data inaccessible in the future.

Computer Theft

Another important reason for data loss is when the system on which you have stored all the critical company’s data gets stolen. So, all of a sudden, all your data will go away. The only thing that could save at this instant is to do a data backup. Storing the data at another location ensures the ultimate security of your business.

Water Damage

Water can damage the hard drive and other electric parts of the computer. This can cause the hard drive to become unusable and lead to irrevocable data loss. Data backup is a good way to save against such a type of loss of data.

Fire and Other Types Of Accidents

If a company fails to store its data on a cloud server, or in an offsite location, then it might pose the danger of data loss due to fire or any form of natural disaster. Though the chances of this happening are scarce, it is important to save your data from any loss in this way.

Why do we need a data backup?

The act of replicating data from the source location to a secondary location is called data backup. it helps protect data in cases of an accident or a disaster.


So, we have seen that several factors can contribute to data loss. Backing up the data using cloud storage services or storing store physical documents offsite will help keep your records secure, convenient to access, and backup.