In the present times, many people are working from home. Hence, they prefer to set up a home office to create the atmosphere of working in a comfortable well-designed place. There are many styles of decorating home office space. One of the most popular decorating themes is the vintage style. This is because the creative style enhances the classic beauty of your home and looks distinctly styled.

Retro-style furniture has more advantages over modern-style interior decor. One of the primary benefits is that the accessories are cheaper. Also, they look elegant and convenient to work for many hours. There are many types of vintage office furniture available in leading online shops that look perfect, pleasant to use and match well with the rest of the furniture at home. To buy the right furniture and lighting fixtures visit, the SMITHERS STORE website. You won’t be disappointed as you get the best ones at a reasonable price.

Here are the tips to decorate your home office in retro style-

  • Firstly, choose a place where air ventilation is more like a place having windows. That helps to breathe fresh air as well as feel fresh all time. When it is too hot or chill, you can close the windows. A vintage design lace curtains will make the windows look classy and well-match with your cosy antique furniture.
  • The next step is to select furniture mainly your desk, chair and storage unit. You can have sturdy recliner providing maximum comfort, placed at the corner of your home work-space. It is good to enjoy relaxing during breaks. The desk should have multipurpose usages. That supports not only keeping your laptop and notes on it but is useful to keep your files in a well-secured storage unit. Chair should have an artistic design and have a cushioned seat. The design of it should support your sitting posture to avoid back and neck pain. Moreover, it needs to be comfortable to sit for many hours together.
  • Light fixtures boost up the beauty of any decor. Thus, you need to consider light fixtures that were present a century back. Candle and crystal chandeliers customised using hard-cast metals like iron, copper or bronze will provide the exact classic office room appearance. Side lamps on the wall and a table lamp having cloth shade decorated with crochet lace will provide the old cosy appearance to your desk.
  • The wardrobe should be the old chest of drawers that are artistically designed in vintage style and made of thick wood. You can keep family photos framed in cloth frames and add to the beauty a large wooden clock of earlier decades model will perfectly fit the vintage decor.
  • Now, even though it is an office, you can spread a lacy table cloth on your desk of pastel shades. It will complement the real vintage style decor of your home office. Lastly, don’t forget to place your favourite person’s photo assembled in an antique frame on the desk.


You can get the best vintage furniture in well popular online shops at a reasonable price. However, read the reviews of their earlier customers to understand more in detail about their reliability and the quality of furniture sold by them before you place the order.