If you find inflammation type issues on your skin wherein your skin is dry, flaky, scaly and rough, you might be suffering from eczema. It is a disease that causes rashes around mouth. If it’s on lips, then it is referred to as lip dermatitis or in other words lip eczema.

What Exactly is Lip Eczema?

It is a kind of allergic reaction caused by some external substances. It has been discovered that in most of the cases, lip eczema is allergic atopic dermatitis or contact dermatitis. Moreover, the key reason for lip eczema is topical medications and cosmetics. It is very important that we use good quality products when it comes to our skin.

Causes for Lip Eczema

Some people have more chances of developing lip eczema as compared to others. In majority of the cases, lip eczema is a hereditary issue, meaning you are more likely to suffer from this disease if someone from your family already has this problem.

It is a chronic disease and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Dryness, redness, and peel on lips are some of the symptoms of lip eczema. If you’re facing such issues, normal lip-balms available in market are less likely to be effective. In fact, unbranded cosmetic products can further trigger lip eczema. It has been found that in several cases, the normal lip balms that people use can make the matter worse.

One of the key ingredients of most of the lip balms i.e. lanolin can contribute to lip eczema. In addition, beeswax and fragrance present in lip balms is also a contributing ingredient. It is very important that you should use a good quality lip balm.

Risk Levels for Lip Eczema

It is important to know your chances of suffering from lip eczema. If you have one of the following conditions, you may catch the disease quickly –

  • Skin issues that cause irritants/chemicals to be absorbed more easily
  • Family history of eczema, asthma or allergies
  • You use unbranded lip balm, lipstick or other lip products
  • You have high stress levels
  • Your body is highly sensitive to cold or hot weather
  • You are experiencing high variation in hormonal levels in the body (this is more common in women than men)

Treatment for Lip Eczema

Just like other diseases, lip eczema can also be treated. In order to reduce inflammation and relieve lip eczema, some people are suggested to use hydrocortisone cream. However, one of the disadvantages of using this cream is that if you stop using it, lip eczema may start to pop-up again.

Some of the home-made treatments that people use for lip eczema include use of essential oils such as lavender oil or shea butter. Although, these products provide you a short-term relief from cracked lips and dryness, these are not effective enough. CBD Chapstick is one of the highly sold and popular products, which is made up of CBD oil that will not only help to reduce lip dryness, but also reduce the chances of lip eczema.


Hope this guide will help you to identify lip eczema and treat the problem effectively.