Opening a floral shop and hoping for customers to show up is not good to grow your floral business. Facebook is a great social media platform to attract a wide audience and increase your local business.

In this post, get to know some simple tactics you can try today to increase your Facebook post reach.

Use attractive videos and images

Visually appealing content is to stand out from the crowded new sources. Posts that attract more participation have been promoted in users’ feed, and they have also gained greater coverage.


  • For profile photo, use an image with your shop’s logo.
  • You can use cover photo/video space to promote discounts and offers.
  • Use high-quality images with your shop’s logo to tell customers who you are.
  • Regularly post content and engage with customers.


  • Don’t upload personal or irrelevant photos.
  • Avoid publishing low-quality videos or images.
  • Don’t use the old logo if you have updated your logo.

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Ask for opinions

Asking questions is a great way to share ideas with our followers and giving them the opportunity to comment.


  • Ask followers what’s their favourite flower.
  • Post tips regarding flowers and ask followers about their opinion. People can comment if they have more tips or if they find your tips useful.

One of the most effective ways to increase engagement with posts is to attract the emotions of the audience. The more people feel about the content, the more likely they are to respond to the content and share or comment.

Top 5 emotions related to virus content are surprise, interest, astonishment, uncertainly, and amazement. If you can manage to stimulate these types of emotional reactions, you will see that your posts get more shares and eventually rank higher in the user’s feed.

Link to your website

When posting a blog or product, always link it to your website. It is advised to use short links instead of using complicated and long original URL. Make sure you post correct links and there are no broken links.

If you have updated a page/product on your website, always make sure to use 301 redirects on the old URL and redirect it to a new URL. This will make sure that in your FB posts if there is an old URL, then customers will automatically be redirected to the new URL instead of ending up to the error page.


Post regular content to keep your audience engaged. An inactive page can result in a decrease in followers. Update content at least 3 times a week. It is considered a bad FB practice to bombard the audience by posting content every hour of the day.


Make sure to fill the “About” section. Always update the Facebook page with the latest email ID, contact number, and website URL.


Build a strong customer base by building a great engaging relationship with your followers. A strong brand image is important on social media. Follow the above tips to take your FB page to a new level.