According to research 

Research has proved that marijuana does not cause lung cancer. In some studies, it was reported that cannabis can prevent cancer. Smoking weed is less toxic than traditional cigarette smoking, but not better than vaping weed.

Smoking weed include burning of the organic plant, which produces tar and chemicals not good for health. However, in vaping, you are not inhaling smoke but vapor. There is no combustion because the vaporizer is designed to deliver a specific temperature to heat the herbs.

Vaping weed is believed to produce an anti-inflammatory barrier called terpenoids, which protects the lungs from irritation.


Customers can buy vaping devices at competitive rates on Unlike smoking, vaping gives you most from the bud. More than 45% of THC gets converted into vapor. The vaped bud can be reused in cakes or tea. It will be less potent, but you can add a little more than printed in the recipe book. Give the head shop a visit to buy a vaporizer!

Instant positive health effect

Smoking weed can cause heart palpitations, breath shortness, coughing fits, etc. because the smoke gets in the lungs and irritates it. With vaping, there are hardly any reports of such symptoms because you inhale the cool vapor.


The smell is an important aspect to consider. Smoking weeds in the house can reek of the furniture and other stuff around. It is unhealthy, especially with kids, elder people, and pets moving around. Vaping produces minimal odor, which gets inhaled with the vapor. No particles float around the room causing the intolerant odor.

Lasts longer

Duration of high depend on strain type, quantity, and tolerance level. It lasts between 1 to 3 hours. In terms of intensity, smoke highs are stronger than vape highs. TCHV is responsible for the hammered feeling you get from smoking weeds. When you vape less TCHV gets released as there is no combustion and temp is moderate. You can customize vape high with a good vaporizer with an awareness of what you are doing.

Enjoy flavors

Weed can offer a plethora of flavor profiles like floral, berry, citrusy, piney, sweet, turpentine, vinegar, cedar, etc. Smoke messes with your taste buds and desensitizes them. It becomes hard to identify the difference between earthy and fruity. Besides, combustion destroys the flavor and you end tasting burnt charcoal. Vaping allows you to enjoy the flavors and undertones.

No bad breath

Burnt paper and leaves can give you bad breath. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Vapor has no tar and few chemicals, so your breath smells minty after vaping.

Vaping is easy than rolling a joint

Learning to roll joint is a complicated and arduous process including cut the weed, prepare the paper, etc. With a vaporizer, you can enjoy the hit within minutes with filling the chamber with ground weed stored in your grinder.


Rather than creating thick, skunky smelling smoke that clings to your hair, breath, and clothes vaping creates a soft smelling vapor cloud that quickly dissipates.