Gold has been the talk of the town lately. After reaching a six months high in 2023’s beginning, it continued its climb in the coming days. Many analysts predict Gold will continue to rise throughout the year amid concerns over a global downturn and ongoing stock market turmoil.

Even though owning Gold sounds like a great investment and can help you hedge against stock market volatility, it comes with unique risks.

Is Gold An Excellent Investment?

Gold is often a recession-friendly asset. It can rise when the stock exchange has a major pullback. The idea is that it’s safer than equities and offers greater risk; the long-term value of the investments could be higher.

You can add Gold as a diversifier to your portfolio, which can help with a recession. However, Gold doesn’t generate cash flow like the other assets. It should be added to your investment mix only slightly and with caution.

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Four ways to buy Gold

Physical Gold Bullion

This name also knows as physical gold bullion. It’s the image most people associate with Gold when they think about how to invest in it. Gold bars, pure gold jewelry, and gold coins: These things that bank robbers and treasure hunters love to see. Although it’s one of the most exciting ways to invest in precious metals, it’s also the most difficult type to buy, store, or sell.

A note about jewelry made of Gold: Jewelry can sometimes gain value over time. However, appraising jewelry can be complex, and there are no guarantees that you’ll sell it for a higher price than you paid. Smith says that jewelry is often purchased by people who want to make it a business. There’s a good mark-up on jewelry. However, the resale worth isn’t nearly what you’re purchasing.

Gold stocks

Although some risk is involved in investing in gold-mining companies, you also have control over which companies you invest in. For example, some investors may prefer a company that practices strong environmental responsibilities to another. Even though stock will not allow you to hold any gold, it will give you the option of selling your stock at any point. Learn more stocks.

Funds for Gold

Investing in gold mutual funds allows you to own shares in gold-related assets like companies that mine and process Gold. However, you don’t own the actual stock or the Gold itself. Gold mutual funds, also known as exchange-traded funds, offer greater liquidity than actual Gold and a level of diversification that single stocks do not. Certain laws also protect ETFs or mutual funds. There may be management fees for some funds. Learn more about ETFs & mutual funds.

Gold futures

A gold futures deal is an agreement that allows you to buy or sell certain amounts of Gold at a specific date. The contract is what trades on an exchange. While gold futures offer more liquidity than physical, they also have no management costs. However, some brokerages may charge a trade fee (also known as a commission) per contract. It is important to remember that trading futures contracts can carry a lot of risks, so it is not an investment option for inexperienced investors. You can lose as much as your original investment with these investments. Read more about options.

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