With the competitive marketplace becoming increasingly fierce, now is more than ever the time to establish lean, efficient operations. Previously, inefficiencies could be easily traced back to their cause. It’s not so simple anymore, as corporate procedures become more complex by the minute. In the food service business, for example, what if you have a wonderful crew that is all pulling their weight, but orders are usually 2 minutes late? During rush hour, any delay in completing an order tends to snowball, negatively impacting customer retention.

To avoid this, conduct a more thorough investigation and identify the source of persistent operational metrics that routinely fall short.Contactless POS Systems provides a holistic answer by maximizing social separation and minimizing public touch at a time when it is more vital than ever.

Advantages of Contactless Point-of-Sale Systems

What are some of the ways that a contactless point of sale can help you increase your sales?

• Faster checkouts improve customer service, streamline operations, and reduce the distance between the employer and the patron (which is integral during COVID-19)

• Employees at bars no longer have to keep track of customer cards on open tabs.

Here are four more ways that contactless point-of-sale technologies can help you increase sales income, improve operational efficiency, and improve quality control.

1. Contactless POS and Email Marketing

Email marketing software is integrated into the menus of cloud-based POS systems, which you can access from the display. They allow you to populate an email marketing database with consumer information and create customer profiles.

You may use this information to develop a nice email campaign that explains how hard your team works to keep customers safe and healthy throughout their trips to your store. You may utilize the POS email marketing feature to promote contactless payments and sanitary measures while also offering a discount.

2. Analysis of POS Transactions

The reporting services feature is probably the most useful managerial benefit of cloud-based POS systems. You can create a report by extrapolating sales data in a variety of ways. In the case of retailers, the focus is on transaction analysis at the point of sale. You’ll want to look at all of the data points linked with each transaction over a set period. Here are some statistics that you might find interesting:

• Payment method

• Transaction time

• Transaction timeframe

• Do you have a credit card (yes/no)?

• Identification of the employee

• The sum of the sale

• Are you a first-time customer (Y/N)?

Having reporting capabilities allows you to acquire a better understanding of your customers’ preferences. Customers who pay via near-field communication (NFC) “touch” payments at your retail store or salon may be eligible for a discount.

If you want to use a report to make a management decision, keep in mind that you should focus on evaluating one area of operations at a time.

3. Sales Management for Employees

You’ll need a technique to generate a detailed report if you’re seeking a reliable way to award your employees for great performance. That’s exactly what cloud-based, contactless POS solutions for iPads do. If you want to discover if your colleagues are urging customers to use Apple or Google Pay, run a report on sales by payment type. You can also track staff sales per hour remotely using a contactless point of sale system.

4. Order Management through Wireless

For a long time, the restaurant and bar industries relied on old-fashioned carbon paper, which included several copies of paper being sent to various locations across the restaurant. Manually writing orders and checks are not only inconvenient but also pose a health danger during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contactless POS systems reduce health risks while also streamlining operations.

Restaurants can finally get rid of paper tickets by using paperless ticket distribution in culinary areas. When servers place orders at the table, they are wirelessly sent to the appropriate service area.

Patrons can observe the purchase flow as the order is rung up on fixed terminals with customer-facing displays (CFD) without ever touching the screen. Wireless order management on contactless point-of-sale systems also improves customer experience by lowering the risk of human error during order entry.

Core financial processing assists firms in making the necessary changes to become more successful in today’s difficult climate. Your POS system serves as the nexus for all aspects of your firm. Core financial processing can show you how to use contactless point of sale to unlock your business operations and give customers a new attraction.