Every home seller wants a quick sale because spending time cleaning and staging for every showing is quite tiring. Waiting for an offer from a potential home buyer is extremely infuriating! If your home is in Louisville, then it takes a year on an average even though every house will get a bulk of showing in the initial weeks after listing.

As a homeowner, you spend energy to prep your Louisville home for showing, but this is just a part of the whole sales process. You will also need to look for a reliable realtor like Covenant Properties to sell your Louisville KY homeBuyers also work with professional and trustworthy real estate agents.

Errors to avoid in the home selling process

Bad timing

Realtors advise clients to avoid listing homes during holidays because homebuyers are focused on vacation and family. In the real estate sector, it is termed as ‘the dead period’. Sometimes you have to handle the specific situation and have to sell the home even if the timing is bad.

For example, you need to move to the next state – Boss’s order…..what to do? Nevertheless, if you have the choice then ensure to stay at home for a minimum of two years to build equity and cover home selling expenses. Wait until after New Year to place your home in the market.

Distorting in describing your home

It is tempting to describe a family room as to have more space than the buyer could possibly imagine. It is a horrible way to describe. Remember, the buyer needs to discover the room’s nice aspects and with such feedback, they feel you are exaggerating things. Never lie about square footage because the home buyer’s realtor will certainly see the deception. Be honest!

Lack of sales strategy

Home selling needs more than just getting on the MLS list. Property promotion is essential. Traditional ways like postcard mailing, newspaper classified, open houses to latest techniques like e-newspaper and email blast are some ways for promoting your property sale. Every marketing method is not appropriate to each home, so ensure to discuss this with your expert real estate agents from the start.

Obstructing negotiations

It is a wonderful moment when you hear the sentence, ‘we have an offer!’ from the other side of the phone. Some homeowners don’t get into a negotiation because they are emotionally attached to their home. They cannot be objective about a home filled with memories, so they refuse to negotiate. If you don’t negotiate then it is not good. You feel the buyer has a good deal but what about you! Therefore, have a reliable real estate agent handle the selling process because it makes a difference between pushing away potential buyers and selling a home at a good price.

Red flags that push buyers away

  • Foul odors
  • Broken windows or doors
  • Visible mold
  • Issues with HVAC
  • Gutters need maintenance
  • Soft floors
  • Untidiness and clutter

You can get eliminated from the listing if such issues are found. You don’t desire to have negativities overshadow your home’s positive traits!

With an experienced realtor on your side, there is no need to worry about pricing, marketing, staging, negotiation, and even the closing process.