During the era of no electricity, people used various methods to hang candles. The glass got invented during the 17th century, and soon people started to design a lot of articles with the help of glass. As part of the continuous inventions with glass crystal chandeliers were came into existence.

Nowadays, you will find these crystal chandeliers in almost every place – be it the home or a public place. Generally, luxury hotels, castles, and government buildings use these crystal chandeliers as part of their status. Anybody can get mesmerized with the glittering beauty of these chandeliers.

Wondering how crystal chandelier are made? To understand the making process, you need to know what type of glass material gets chosen and what is the process undertaken to convert the glass into an art.

These beautiful crystal chandeliers are made by fusing the intricate glass parts at an appropriate temperature as designed by the engineering. They use silica sand, lead, hot ash, and other ingredients in a melting furnace. With the chemical reaction of the perfect combination of these materials, crystals get created.

The lead oxide from the group of materials added makes the crystals heavier and glittering. It will help the crystal in reflecting the light. The glass will get cut into the required shapes and sizes. to increase the crystal’s attraction color gets added.

Once the crystals get crafted, the process of making a holder and arm starts, which gives the final shape. You can visit online to understand what are the different designs and shapes available to select. Most of the people select crystal chandelier based on the places they desire to have it installed.

While choosing a chandelier the space of the room is also taken into consideration. For example, a large living room with high ceiling can accommodate a two or three tier chandelier.

Now, let’s understand the different types of chandeliers available in the market:

  • Swarovski – these are the crystals manufactured in the Austrian Alps and are available across the globe in various shapes and sizes. They look so elegant and luxurious that you can simply compare them with hand-cut diamonds.
  • Moroccan – These are the machine cut crystals that get used in chandeliers. Unique characteristics of these crystals are prismatic brilliance, purity in visual appearance sharp faceting and come with highly polished
  • Spectra – The main characteristic of these machine cut is that they sparkle uniformly. They have a good light reflection, and also they come in spectacular colors.
  • Turkish – These are mostly handmade crystals, and they style way centuries in the past. After hand cutting the crystal, a wooden wheel gets used to polish it.
  • Italian – The name itself reminds you of the glorious history of Venice. The uniqueness lies in the making of these crystals with a fire polishing. These are neither handmade nor machine cut.

By following all the basic steps of designing, manufacturing of the base, and crystals, you get an appealing chandelier. Its packaging gets done by the skilled packaging team. It ensures that the chandeliers will get shipped safely.