If you are a business owner then you must have selected many best promotional products in order to reach your prospects. You must have perfected your company’s brand logo and also used the best slogan for your business.

However, you must have often seen time and again, all your marketing efforts did not make enough results that you had anticipated. Did you ever analyze what was the real issue? The answer may be quite obvious as you must have often overlooked.

You may not have used your branding product that can be used in our daily lives. You should rather have chosen any custom cooler bags that can really make a wonderful gift not only for your customers but also for your employees too.

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Following are few popular cooler bags which has got plenty of utility for people of all walks of life and you can choose any one of them for the purpose of promoting your product and business.

      1. Super-pack lunch coolers

Such trendy lunch coolers can help your recipients saving a pretty dime for their lunch and these lunch coolers can keep all foods fresh till the lunch time. All these lunch packs are quite spacious for carrying their snacks and lunch for the day and will always keep your customers reminded about your business almost every day!

      2. Drawstring cooler bags

You can get your message across at the park or the beach with the help of such trendy cooler bags. You can get them in different range of styles that also includes shoulder strap carry-bag, tote bag and backpack of different color choices.

All these cooler bags can make your logo as part of your everyday life.

      3. Portable cooler bags

For camping purpose, this type of custom portable bags will be a very handy item, particularly for fishing holidays or backyard barbecues. You can always store them in multi-function cooler bag that will keep all your beverages cold.

Just imprint your logo with message on them to turn all their fun times into your own brand promotion.

      4. Backpack cooler bags

They are perfect for every kind of outdoor activities such as fishing holidays or camping. Removable insulated type of foil lining can ensure hassle-free cleaning. Also, the adjustable padded back-straps with heavy-duty zips can make it safe choice for all your outdoor activities.

Colors can also make a difference

Besides above, your color choice can also make lots of impact on the mind of people. The color of brand message that you will print on your gift as well as the color of gift that you choose will have certain special role.

Following are different influences of various colors:

  • Black: class, exclusivity, luxury and power.
  • Blue: integrity, security and trust.
  • Green: relaxation, youth and wealth.
  • Orange: action, aggression and energy.
  • Pink: femininity, romance and youth.
  • Purple: calm, care and tranquility.
  • Red: energy, passion, power and urgency.
  • Yellow: fun, happiness, lightheartedness and optimism.